Mother's Day 2020 at Veronika HonestlyHi there, it's Veronika!

Although I celebrate two Mother's Days a year (one in March as that's when it's celebrated here in the UK and one in May as that's when it's celebrated in my home country), most of the time we don't celebrate this with my mum together due to our location. We have always a nice video call, we both make ourselves a cup of tea or coffee and have a long chat about all the news that happened since we talked last time. And because we both agreed we want to be as eco-friendly as possible, we don't ship each other gifts anymore - we take them with us we travel to visit each other (we do this with my other family members too).

So I'm not in the need to shop for any gifts at a specific time (if so, I do it before I travel) but I was thinking this year, what would I want to get for Mother's day myself... from my kids... perhaps one day, when I have them =)
I love browsing Etsy, I mostly enjoy all the handmade crafts made from natural resources, of course without any usage of animal products. But I wouldn't want my kids to have to pay too much money. So I'm looking today for something natural, vegan and eco-friendly... let's say under £30 (assuming my potential kids in this scenario are already grown-ups or their father actually helped them to pay for it).

Ok, let's look what's on Etsy...

Hi, it's Veronika here!

I'm always looking for interesting people and learning about the work they do. Recently, I've met Glenn. He felt that there are not enough books that would explain to children why animals are friends, not food. He and his colleague decided to create a book to fill this gap while they said "both of us are attorneys, so this book is a labor of love to spread the word. If we make any profit at all, we will donate it to animal sanctuaries." Which is also why I wanted to write about their book and help them to spread the word.

For those who don't want to wait and are keen to check out the book, please find it here.
Now, let me tell you who's behind the making of this vegan-friendly children book and why I find this book so good.

The Naked Forager at Veronika HonestlyHi there, it's Veronika!

I want you today to meet Shiv, the countryside fairie who knows herbs and other wild plants really well so I've asked her to share some of her knowledge with us =)

Shiv calls herself The Naked Forager. Obviously, that's the first thing to ask about:

So “The Naked Forager” is a name I came up with a couple of years ago. It’s cheeky and a little provocative but really it’s a hint of my desire to be “naked” in terms of the way I interact with others and live my life. For me, the word naked also means honest, open and undisguised, or “undressed”.

Very much like Veronika Honestly =) So what do you do - what do you forage?

Homemade Chickpea Tofu Veronika HonestlyHi there, it's Veronika!

Believe it or not, this recipe was on my blog waiting list for about a year. Or more. I can't remember. And last Friday (or so - I also can't remember...) I got in touch with some friendly folks from zero-waste vegan Facebook group - the talk was about washing hair without shampoo. And because I use rye flour instead of shampoo, the talk turned into flour discussion. I was told that chickpea flour is also possible to use as shampoo... I said the only thing I can do with chickpea flour is tofu... and here we go, as I got (obviously! =) asked for the recipe, I just had to do it. So here it is.

And just to warn you - as you may know, I'm not a cook, nor a photographer. So by no means, I'm attempting here any posh recipe show off. I'm just not-good-at-that. I'm better at maths.

So... Constantina, thank you for asking me about the recipe - you actually pushed me to finally do it =)

More photos coming soon!

Hi there, it's Veronika! We're talking Christmas today.

Wouldn't it be great if Christmas would be all just "the nice and magical time" and not the rush to get all gifts, not the bins full of rubbish the day after Christmas?
For me, the worst part is to think of a gift that will be actually appreciated and won't end up wasted, binned or re-gifted (the last one may sting too but at least it's not that bad for the environment). Which means I may sometimes end up rushing a bit to get things on time. Then I get some great ideas but it seems that I won't get it before Christmas. That's stressful, right?
But isn't Christmas at the end about chilling and spending time with your most beloved ones? Be it your family, friends or perhaps your animal companions - ideally all together though =)

Yes, and for that reason, I started no-stress Christmas for me and I would very much wish you do the same. This way you can enjoy the nice things and do not have to participate in the not-so-nice and pretty stressful Christmas-related things.

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