Being vegan is an amazing journey, but it's not all rainbows and unicorns.

Hello, fellow vegan*... I mean... animal lover!

(*Not vegan... yet? Don't worry, you're welcome too!)

Are you feeling alone on your vegan journey?
Do you want to share your compassionate way of living with others?

Are you getting frustrated by people's comments on your personal lifestyle choices?
Do you want to help more people see the truth and understand why you're vegan?

Are you a compassionate caring soul?
Do you want to do more good for animals and the environment but perhaps you're not sure how?

Then stay and read more! Because wherever you are on your journey towards a cruelty-free lifestyle, I want to support you. I want to be your vegan friend, give you tips and ideas on how to share your vegan lifestyle with others, and support animals and the environment just like you.

Have you ever thought about this question...

What's the worst thing about going vegan?

It's not the changes I had to make in order to live my life cruelty-free, it's the fact that I feel for and care about the animals being exploited and slaughtered every day and I have friends and family who don't feel the same or cannot connect on the same level.

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Hi, it's Veronika here!

Entrepreneur by day, maths tutor in the evenings and vegan all day long!

I went vegan overnight, after watching these two documentaries/speeches:

Cowspiracy and The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear

Overnight, literally. The next day I threw away three eggs and about a half a pack of butter and that was it (there was no meat in my fridge at that time although I was a regular omnivore/meat eater until that day).

Then I went to self-learn what to eat (I even remember talking to my friends who weren't vegan about what they thought I could eat instead... as I didn't know any vegans near me, just two friends-of-a-friend back in my home country). The same day I bought my first (I think?) almond milk and discovered how many of my favourite foods are not vegan... I didn't cry about it though. Since then I was on the hunt for new types of food.

And I must say, I've discovered plenty! My vegan diet definitely has more variety than I ever had before as an omnivore! This was because I was pushed to discover alternatives to my usual, not really animal-friendly, meals.

It doesn't stop with food - the vegan lifestyle goes beyond that because all our actions have consequences - food, clothing, beauty and bath products, cleaning products, home decor, tickets to attractions - all that we buy either supports animal cruelty or avoids it and is considered cruelty-free.

I learnt how to find vegan food, clothing and home products, learnt what is considered cruel to animals and therefore ceased activities connected to it (visiting zoos, horse riding,...), I learnt what is wrong with using wool (I love sheep - proof below) and I'm still learning many things along the way.

You can learn with me. I'm not going to judge anyone who's not at the same "crazy vegan level", I'm probably not there either. But I learn all the way - in the end, I do it for the animals, not for myself and my needs.

Once you go vegan, you can't keep it to yourself.

I've been spreading the vegan vibes since early 2015, my own quiet way. I was keeping it to myself unless asked (why don't you drink tea with milk - oh, you're vegan) but at some point, I felt that this was not enough. At this point I decided to build this blog, where I can spread the word the way I want without forcing it on anyone - I'm not pushing it to my friends and family, but they can read it if they want. Everyone can read my thoughts on the vegan lifestyle. And as veganism is about the environment as well, zero-waste is another interest of mine that you can read about here. I also started my own range of vegan-friendly products that I sell to support animal charities - at the moment, it's mainly Hillside Animal Sanctuary based in England. I donated my own pocket money here and there for a while, but I wanted to give more, that's why Veronika Honestly Shop was created - read more about it below!

Being vegan changed me a lot, yes, but I'm not only "the vegan", of course.

What did you say about sheep...?

I love them! =))

Wanna know more about me?

I'm a Czech mathemagician living in the UK and working as Your Maths Tutor since 2006. You can find out more, either out of curiosity or if you actually need help with maths (I do online tuition as well, so it doesn't matter where you live, really), just drop me a note there.

As well as my main job, I'm an entrepreneur by all means, as that runs in my family. I do struggle though with the psychology behind it. Nothing in business is usually as clear and transparent as I would like and try to be in my life. Unlike what I often see from businesses, when I say something, I mean it that way. Why couldn't it work in business? I'm trying it here though. That's what's Veronika Honestly is all about - both the blog and the shop - transparent and clear. No smoke and mirrors. Honestly.

Everyone and their mum sells vegan clothes. What's so interesting about your shop?

Firstly, I sell what I believe in. Veganism, loving animals, being positive, having fun and being kind to the environment:

I sell organic cotton T-shirts (totes and more clothing coming soon!) printed with vegan-friendly ink. All my giftware (clothes, mugs and prints) is printed with vegan-friendly ink. And everything is shipped plastic-free. Hooray!

And there is the charity part, of course, and for me, it won't be complete without having charities to give to. Half - of - my - profits. Yes. Because I can so I will.

Making money for charities keeps me motivated.

Everyone claims they give to charity. What's so different here?

Besides Veronika Honestly, where I focus on animal sanctuaries, I run also a vegan eco-friendly home decor shop (certified cruelty-free, woohoo!) Magicful Home - browse the shop or read the blog, where I focus on funding marine conservation (hello, Sea Shepherd!). 

I aim to give 50% of my profits to charities - both through Veronika Honestly and Magicful Home.

As I'm still at the beginning of my charitable journey, I don't always make profits (due to more business costs than profits - life's tough in the first years when you're not well-known yet!), yet I aim to give even from my own pocket when that happens (because I make my living as a maths tutor, I'm not depending on my charity-oriented activities). I'm simply starting a snowball effect here =)
I'm feeling quite optimistic about it and I hope you are feeling it with me. The more you support what I'm doing here, the more you spread the word and let more people know about the good things that are happening here, the more we can actually do together and fund more projects in need.
That's the main reason I'm here and doing what I'm doing.

So what do you sell?

vegan organic cotton t-shirt veronika honestlyIt's been a long journey and I've been through a lot figuring out both home decor at Magicful Home (proudly certified cruelty-free) and designs at Veronika Honestly. I'm working really hard on finding the best alternatives to traditional products you can buy elsewhere and bringing the best of best.
So let's see what's coming, both old and new, in the new year, 2019:

T-shirts (and perhaps other garments such as hoodies and even totes in the near future) - 100% organic cotton, vegan-friendly ink, eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging.

Mugs - ceramic (no bone china - you don't want to have your tea and coffee poured into animal bone ashes, right?), vegan-friendly ink, eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging.

Prints - this is the winner - prints are digital, so they don't have to be shipped, saving on CO2 and other costs - hooray!
If you prefer a physical product, then my Giclee bamboo prints will amaze you as they're an amazing alternative to the usual wall art products I see everywhere - I want to bring only the best to the table! =) Of course, the bamboo paper is vegan-friendly and the ink as well. And of course, shipped in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging.
Btw, there are also greeting cards coming soon - and in the meantime, if you're a maths enthusiast or just have a sense of humour and want to be original, I'm also selling printable birthday and seasonal cards with a maths theme in my YourMathsTutor shop =)

Magicful Home's signature pillows - the best of the best =) - linen/cotton covers printed with vegan-friendly ink, organic cotton cases stuffed with organic kapok that is a sustainable option to other traditional fillings - because we love geese and we want them to keep their down and feathers. Vegan-friendly ink and eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging is a standard, of course.

My products are not only for vegans - everyone can love them - but certainly, they are all suitable for vegans - so they make great gifts if you want to make sure you're giving cruelty-free gifts to your friends and family! I've got a broad range of nature-focused home decor (starting with a beach theme and expanding soon to the forest and beyond), multiple-themed designs for apparel and giftware - from vegan designs, animals (cats and rabbits - more are coming), funny & sarcastic designs for relationships and also maths (I'm a maths tutor, remember? =) and also back to beach and nature. So you will find great gift ideas suitable for many people and still ensure you're purchasing sustainably, responsibly and with animals in mind: as always, no animals products were used for making any part of my products, and animal charities will always be receiving donations made from the profits of my shops.

I think that rocks, right?

Let's be friends...

Besides direct selling, my interests go over the horizon as whilst I'm working on businesses, brainstorming, living my own life, socialising... I'm being inspired by so many other great ideas and people doing amazing things. Put simply, I'm being inspired so often by so many different things that are happening in my life, so I'm sharing these here with you. You can read about vegan and eco-friendly news, ideas, products and businesses in my blog posts, watch my videos (maybe, one day when I actually make them - they're all in my head, for now =) and see many things which are being shared on my social platforms. For that reason, make sure you are following me on my social media - on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook - and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter as well - not only for free printable greeting cards and a discount from my shop =)

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For those that are interested to know - am I getting paid for sharing links, ideas and other things here?

Yes, as said above, I'm an entrepreneur, if I can be an affiliate for something I find amazing, I certainly will be if it means getting some extra money for the good things I believe in. Not everything that I'm sharing with you is always affiliate-related, but some things are, mostly I mention this when talking about the specific idea, product, company.
But rest assured, as a promise here, what makes Veronika called Honestly (no, it's not my surname though =) is that everything I'm sharing with you are things that I find (as best I understand) good, eco-friendly, helping in life - just no silliness. And I'm telling you about it openly with good intention.
Besides that, I don't do affiliating for money. As mentioned above, I tutor maths for money.

What I focus on here is making more friends and spreading vegan awareness with my blog and my products.

And... what now?

If you read all of the above, then, by all means, I believe you are interested at least a bit in my work here - I'd say we may have a thing or two in common! =)

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There's always something going on here. Be a part of it.

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