Hi there, it's Veronika! I'm SO excited about today's article!
I'm going to talk about a very specific art branch (pun intended) - I'm going to be talking about Tree of Life.

A Tree of Life art is something I've been drawn to ever since I've discovered it. I really like trees a lot (at home, we plant and grow trees from wild seeds found in nature - hoping to find for them some forever home one day - but that day is still far away). There's something special about them - it's not only the joy of walking through a forest and resting in a shadow of a tree after a long walk. Trees are life supporters, indeed - they give a lot of oxygen and lock up masses of CO2. A single tree can host a full micro-ecosystem - even after it dies... So I find Tree of Life a beautiful celebration of these nature giants.
That's how I see it, anyway =)

Although the real meaning of Tree of Life is supposed to be "a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future" Also "a symbol of immortality" which is represented by the fact that even though trees grow old, they bear seeds that contain their "very essence" so technically trees become immortal.
Basically Tree of Life is "a symbol of growth and strength".

Well, everything grows its seeds in some way, actually truly immortal are some other organisms such as some species of lichens or medusae that replicates and clones themselves so are technically immortal... and also some species of trees that are rather cloning themselves from roots - there's a forest that originated from one single tree and all the above-ground trees are all clones of one parent tree joined with underground root system... So yes, that I would call immortality.
But I like my representation of Tree of Life more than what it apparently stands for =) Of course, I'm not going to push it on anyone. Make your own meaning of it or just simply enjoy it as is - the Tree of Life art is just amazing, it doesn't need to be put in a box and labelled by any definitions.

So you can see why I'm excited to have today's article dedicated to this topic.

But there's another reason, as much exciting as the first one: I'm dedicating this article to one-of-a-kind Tree of Life crafters. Those, I chose their amazing work to showcase for everyone to enjoy and admire, are all small business owners on Etsy. It was brought to my attention that Etsy's campaigning to #StandWithSmall - they are focusing on extra support of small shop owners, those who suffer a lot (I know that as I'm one of them) during current coronavirus pandemic. So I'm doing my part of the job and showing off a few of my very special finds - to help other small shop owners be discovered because they deserve it - their work is amazing - and they need to be seen now more than ever.

And as the Tree of Life is a symbol of regrowth, we all are awaiting regrowth after this pandemic is over. So a Tree of Life dedicated blog post in order to support small business owners who suffer through the virus outbreak as the worldwide economy is on its knees sounds like a good idea to me.
Therefore, get ready to be amazed, I'm going to show you my very special private "I like this" list - things I've been admiring for quite a long time... (and a few fresh picks while I was re-browsing today and found some new beauties!)

Get amazed by Tree of Life on Etsy

First, let me introduce you to Rachael's Wire Garden. I've been watching her amazing creations for a while. She's taking the Tree of Life art to a different level as she creates more than trees - like her signature goddess, that's a stunning piece of art. Also, her wirework is so creative - the shape of frames and the decorating wiring, types of branches, roots... This one comes in two variations: as a classic tree or a goddess - and you bet it was the one that I noticed at first because I can't resist to check out anything rainbow!
There's one piece inspired by the mythical Yggdrasil that breathes the essence of Viking style with its braided wiring - that I haven't noticed before. There's always something new to discover at her shop...
But if you're after something more classic, Rachael's Wire Garden offers some more basic, yet still very beautiful and original makes - just like this purple tree of life (there are more colours available to choose from, of course, I'm choosing my favourite one to show here =)
I wanted to stop here as there are many more to show, but I've stumbled upon this one with so spring-like feel that I must add it to the list - one more goddess, with pink tones - to celebrate spring that we all are not that much allowed to enjoy now as the lockdown is happening in many countries around the globe. So let's bring some spring feel home, where we are advised to stay for now - perhaps this pink beauty can bring the spring to our homes - I mean really, just look at the photo, it's gorgeous!

The photos of her work are just so beautiful, can you imagine how amazing these pendants are in real life?


Now, there's Tiny Tree UK - where Jeniffer, the shop owner, incorporates something I love so much - massive gemstones - so for me, these Trees of Life are absolutely stunning. Every single one. I'm going to do the hard work choosing only a few to show here. Let me explain why I favourite these:
For starters, we have two and both of them roots on amethyst, one copper tree one silver tree. I like both wire types practically equally - so making me choose only one of them would not end up well =)
Speaking of silver and copper, it won't be any surprise if I choose as one of my favourites from Tiny Tree this piece made of silver and copper!
The trees are not only leafless, like the ones I mentioned above. In this shop, there are also types with gemstones leaves. They have rooting stone and leaves that match - what a heavenly look! I'm particularly amazed by this fluorite tree that looks like a very gentle icy rainbow - but then of course, as it's spring, let's talk some pink! A soft pink/rose quartz tree of life at last.

There's much more to see at Tiny Tree UK - give it a go, you won't be disappointed.

Trees of Life from Madam von Trinkets are also something very different - they're very playful, with the attached pendants and colourful wiring - there are many to choose from as well as various styles and colours - my favourites from Mel, the creator, are these following, from her section "bare Trees of Life":
Aurora borealis - a beautiful tree of life made of gently coloured wires. Reminds me when I saw aurora borealis in Scandinavia - although that one was more greenish, this pendant is still very pretty and I feel like its name suits its spirit.
Speaking of green, my other two favourites are a bit more animalistic - black wired tree with a wolf and another one inspired by Viking mythology, a tree with a snake representing Norse god Loki. Both trees are in green tones, both so beautiful.
But there are also more basic trees, just in case wolves and snakes are too much =) Such as this one, green wired tree of life with the moon.
On the other hand, if you happen to like mythical animals like I am, then you won't be surprised, that another favourite of mine is this purple tree of life with a dragon (yes, you remember correctly, purple is my favourite colour).
And at the end, a spring style Tree of Life - that'll be this one with cute bird pendant and jasper.

Can you find any better-looking tree of life pendants in the Madam von Trinkets' shop?

While wires and gemstones are my most favourite materials when it comes to Tree of Life art and crafts, I also admire these stunning pieces from various Etsy small shops - all handmade, all unique: be it macrame, wooden, even made of stone - dive into the depths of Etsy marketplace, find your own favourite Tree of Life and perhaps get one, it makes one of the small shop owners smile and do a happy dance, for sure =)

"Together, let’s stand with small."


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