Veronika Honestly Vegan Blogger Language DisclaimerHi, it's Veronika here. As always =)

To this date, December 2018, you may have wonder what on Earth is going on with the speed of articles being added to this blog which is just about as same as a snail stuck in the mud.

I'll tell you what. It's my English. As you may know, English is not my first language and because I'm a perfectionist (and so far was not a language-blog-suicider), I always let my articles being proofread by my partner (he's English native, so he should know better). Yet, we're all busy. I'm busy, he's busy, heck, I bet you're busy too. And that's why it takes ages to get something to proofread. It pushes me back from even writing at the first place. I have several articles unpublished for a couple of months. Poor articles.

I mean, most of my articles - articles for Veronika Honestly and Magicful Home. I'm not having proofread my maths articles for Your Maths Tutor, because people should know what they're getting when they hire me for maths tuition. Yeah, I'm not a Cambridge linguist. Get over it. I'll teach you maths though without any problem. (None of my students really have problems with my English, at least they never told me =)

So I'm postponing writing articles as I just don't want to be the mad Czech person blogging in English. But I live here (in the UK) so it's a bit nonsense to run a Czech blog, right? Even though that would be full of articles. Like crazy because I love writing (even wrote a few stories... and a thesis about flies... cos I'm not only a mathematician, I'm also a biologist).
Anyway, back to English...

Alright. I'm not completely helpless, I have Grammarly - an amazing online tool for checking your spelling and many useful bits here and there when it comes to English writing. It can do a lot even for free (I haven't tried paid version yet, but I bet it's even awesomer... just kidding, more awesome =)

So Grammarly helps me with some typos and so on (as we all do them, right?) and some basic grammar errors, so in order to get this blog running (in my super-packed schedule where I really focus on my shop, because I just really want to be raising more money for charities - check my shop, check it, check it =), I'm going to put in every non-proofread article link to this Language Disclaimer, so you can understand that craziness and choose whether you want to be crippling your English while reading my raw article or if you want to wait till my partner makes it, you know, normal.

And to demonstrate my English skills, I'm not going to let my partner proofread this article. So if you can crack through this all, you're good. Really good. Gold medal for all of you.

And now, to celebrate my brave-madness of exposing my language skills to the world here's finally the so long promised RAW vegan dessert I was talking about in my summer(!) article when I was going sugar-free for all month. All vegan, of course.

Enjoy and don't judge my English. Or come back to re-read it after the Language Disclaimer will disappear from the article (any article, it would be everywhere, I promise, but at least you'll be warned). So, your choice =)

Love you all for your patience and I'm going to crack some more articles now.

Honestly yours, Veronika

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