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Hi, it's Veronika here!

I'll keep it short and sweet - since moving the shop to Etsy, I'm seeing plenty of ideas and inspiration there, so I've decided to bring them here, pin them on Pinterest and yeah, link them through my affiliate ID, so if you buy any of these products I find interesting enough to show you here, I would receive some "pocket money" which will also count towards my profits I split half-half with marine and animal charities, so you still contribute to the good cause =)

...that I was using before plastic-free was in!

Or at least before you heard about the plastic-free movement and concerns about plastic at every corner and saw it on your social media feeds several times a day.

Hi, it's Veronika and by no means do I think I'm better than anyone by reducing my plastic usage earlier than some others, and I'm not a zero-waste master either, but I was always concerned about environment and sustainability
...that's what made me go vegan a few years ago - seeing the huge, unbelievable negative impact of meat and dairy industry on the environment! Of course I'm in it for the animals as well, but honestly, the environmental impact was the wake-up call...
Back to plastics! =)

Here are my top ten ways to reduce plastic waste in your life (and especially in your household) that I've been using for a while now, followed by some tips I've learned rather recently.

Oh, btw, guess what's on the picture - and then scroll down for answers =)

veronika honestly farm animal friends...these lovely cuties? Or "strange" creatures? Or pets?

Hi! It's Veronika here, and I would like to introduce you to some strange eating habits from all over the world. Regarding animals. It started when I watched a short video from the US about an issue with American horses being bought in auctions to be slaughtered for food in other countries.

Of course, it's sad and they apparently do a lot to ban these - as they call them - killer-buyers from auctions, as well as at least outbidding suspicious buyers at auctions to save horses from slaughter. But many of the same people that would be outraged by this thought would munch a beef burger without a single thought, and at the same time feel sad about poor horses...

Why is that? Obviously, it's a cultural thing, I live in the UK and I know how western countries are outraged by the idea of eating dogs and cats in certain Asian countries. Of course, there are always few rebels (even amongst people I know) who'd say "yeah, I'd eat a dog if they served it to me" - but of course, not their own, only a strange dog they don't have as a pet.

A strange world. Let's see what animals are being eaten as a norm in different countries and cultures or religious communities and which are, on the other side, taboo:

Hi, it's Veronika here!

As you may know, I'm a maths tutor. I consider my job vegan-friendly, as it's not directly involved with anything that would be against my cruelty-free lifestyle.

But is it as easy as it looks like? Is my job (as well as many other I'm going to elaborate on further here) really vegan-friendly?

sun magicful homeHi, it's Veronika here!

Can you imagine a summer without suntan lotion (or rather to say sunscreen - I mean the type where you protect yourself from UV rays)? I couldn't! I burn easily. But hey, even if you're tanned already or have naturally darker skin, sunscreen is a must and I hope everyone knows it. UV rays are going through a thinner ozone layer in present days, so we are bombed by an enormous amount of radiation - more than our ancestors were. They also usually covered themselves more than us, when we go to roast ourselves on the beach =)
But of course we know all of that from school and from our doctors, right?

But did you know that by protecting your skin by using sunscreen you can hurt corals? And ocean life?
No? How is that?

Let me tell you about oxybenzone & octinoxate and why to avoid them!

Hi, it's Veronika, your vegan friend and content creator of Veronika Honestly (no, not my surname).
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Firstly, if not already mentioned in the article, I would like you to know about my Honest Language Disclaimer (no, it's not about profanity) - in case you were wondering why my English is so weird and not Oxford-dictionary perfect (whose English is, anyway...)

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