Hi, it's Veronika here and I'm bringing to you today something that caught my eye a while ago and I just couldn't find time to write about it any earlier! So without any much longer delays, please enjoy amazingly looking knits such as dragon scale rainbow mittens and many more, "made by one of the strongest arms in the world" - no kidding, meet Sigita who runs CraftyMarmara shop on Etsy and who is an amazing arm wrestler!

Let's learn more about Sigita and her work!

Hi. My name is Sigita. I am Latvian living in Turkey. I am a Turkish national team athlete and a crazy knitter. I can't imagine my life without knitting and crocheting!
I have been knitting/crocheting since I was a teenager.
As a beginner, I never thought about or paid attention to what kind of yarn I was using. I had categories for yarn as pretty - ugly - thick - thin ? that's all!
Only after many years when I started to get better at what I do and wanted to take it to the next level - sell my crafts.
I joined online knitting groups, and only then I realized that I was using the "wrong" ? yarn all along!!!
According to most knitters, I was wasting my time if I was not using wool yarn. They were pitying me for all that effort and time spent for nothing. As long as it wasn't a high percentage in wool it wasn't good.
At that time I was shocked and confused because I already knew that many people like and appreciate my work...

Hi, it's Veronika here =)

As time goes on, different themes are making their way to our shop, yet one stays the same - it's all about being cruelty-free. Although the Mother's day isn't celebrated always the same day in every country, as far as I know, all dates are around springtime - and spring is coming! =) So today's article is, of course, about Mother's day - and it doesn't matter what exact date you celebrate it.
If you or your Mum are vegan (but even if not!), certainly have a look at my vegan picks for Mother's day, you'll be blown away with these amazing gift ideas that are kind to animals and the Earth.

Let's start with a nice classic that every Mother would appreciate - flowers. Flowers can be given as a bouquet or in a pot so they can last longer - I personally prefer this choice and I'm still enjoying my Valentine's roses that are happily living in the pot on the window just next to me =) And you can complement this with a floral theme on a card =)

Hi, it's Veronika here. With the first article in 2019. Published in February. O! M! G! =)

What's going on here? Busy, busy, busy... and I always forget how easy it actually is, to write an article anyway. So I'm running late because I'm working hard on my shop in the meantime. Because my shop profits help to those who need them more than me - animal charities and shelters - I give it more priority than to the blog... Sorry, blog...

I hope it's understandable. What should also be understandable, is my Enligsh. So please, if you haven't read it yet, hop on my Honest Language Disclaimer (no, it's not about profanity) and after that, just sit down, relax and wonder with me: is 2019 going to be the year of lab meat?

Hi, it's Veronika here... I'm sooo late with this article I've been preparing for since November and it is... wait for it... late January! Oh no!

I have met Aubrey from Virginia, US, a businesswoman who makes repurposed vegan leather bags. And not only bags. And I must say, although I'm not a bag lady (backpack would do the job most of the time for me), I understand, that bags are a big deal for many women and men, so I wanted to present a range of bags that my untrained eye finds as well-made, eco-friendly, and above all, vegan.

Therefore, here is Gennhaio. Read as [Jen-nay-o] as Aubrey noted =)

Aubrey, please, tell us a bit about yourself and your shop:

Hello, I’m Aubrey a dreamer, a thinker, and a doer. But most importantly, I’m a seeker, constantly searching for new ways to live my personal mantra, which is to “Live the life I love!" As a business owner my feet are firmly planted on earth, from where I do all my creating, designing, and exploring.

A blend of art, love for all things environmental, casual conversations with interesting people, an entrepreneurial spirit, and global explorations led me to create Gennhaio. This is where my ideas, designs, and creative products are conceived, designed, and ‘released.’ ‘New Beginnings’ are part of each Gennhaio creation.  I take an item that may have started out as one thing, then by a process of assimilation and creative symbiosis pair or repurpose it, giving birth to a third or unique product.

Hi, it's Veronika here. Guess who I met during this year's Christmas shopping?


Oh, before you read further, please read my Honest Language Disclaimer (no, it's not about profanity)

...ok - it was a group of people with the real Christmas spirit - I met Anonymous for the Voiceless.

You know, I do very little Christmas shopping in the town, but my partner does, so I support him through the difficult task of finding gifts our beloved ones would love and find useful. I prefer to avoid crowds, especially during busy festive seasons and especially when it comes to Christmas, well-known for the time of the year everyone should be kind, yet somehow most of the people forget being kind to animals - because dead animal used for meat, skin and more didn't really find a lot of kindness in this world, right? And meeting all the meaty street food and other non-vegan festivities just makes me especially sad during the Christmas period - btw, that's why I designed the Vegan Christmas Is Merry For Everyone T-shirts =) To point out about the fact.

Back to the story - how I met the only group in the busy Christmas streets that made my heart happy.

Hi, it's Veronika, your vegan friend and content creator of Veronika Honestly (no, not my surname).
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Thank you for reading this whole article =) I have a few things to mention here:

Firstly, if not already mentioned in the article, I would like you to know about my Honest Language Disclaimer (no, it's not about profanity) - in case you were wondering why my English is so weird and not Oxford-dictionary perfect (whose English is, anyway...)

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