Hi, it's Veronika here!

I've come across an interesting project recently and wanted to share the idea with you.

In recent years, things got tense between vegans and dairy farmers. Vegans want animal liberation and ensure families will stay together (yes, the cow families) and be safe from any harm and abuse. Farmers want carry on in their business and often blame vegans for dairy milk price drop. (Frankly, will every producer blame me for price drop just because I choose not to eat/drink what they produce...?)
This is just a very short summary that cannot grasp the complexity of the issue - but you got the idea for starters.

Now, what is this bold project I stumbled upon recently? It's a step-by-step guide for dairy farmers to transition their business from milking cows to milking almonds =)
It doesn't have to be almonds specifically but again, you got the idea.

Now, let's look at it more in-depth.

Hi there! It's Veronika =)

I'd like to tell you a story about my newest vegan T-shirt design: Vegan Smart-Ass definition (this is just a working name, all my designs have working names).

Every single one of my designs has a story of why it was made. My funny vegan definition T-shirt idea was a combination of several things that happened today...

Hand Drawn Personalised Cat Mug Rescue Cat GiftHi, it's Veronika!
I bet you want to skip the intro and get to the best gifts. Gifts for no ordinary cat lovers but rescue cat lovers. Gotcha.

But as always, I have a little bit of a story to share - so I hope you'll enjoy finding out more about my artwork and rescue cat themed creations. Please sit back, relax and read further:

Btw - did you read my Honest Language Disclaimer yet? (No, it's not about profanity =)

Hi, it's Veronika here!

It's been a long long time =) I'm so busy to get my shop going and raise more money for the animal sanctuary (read more here) - as you can see, more is happening there than here - check my newest designs - all three on this page - just finished them yesterday! (Yes, they're mockups, not real photoshoots of the actual designs as the printing cannot happen overnight =)
And that's why I have no time (or is it energy?) to think of topics I'd write about (I rather turn my thought into designs). But something crossed my mind today I wanted to dive into a bit in an article.

Oh, btw, in case you haven't done this yet, please read my Honest Language Disclaimer (no, it's not about profanity) - cheers!

So what is it I'm going to talk about today? The various terms used for those who incline to vegan lifestyle and diet and HOW I UNDERSTAND IT. Really, I'm no dictionary, surely not an English one whilst it's not even my native language =) so this is just my opinion on the matter. So nobody takes an offence and nobody takes a full %&$!#-blast on me after reading this, ok? =) I know these things get people heated sometimes (or better to say - almost all the time).

Hi, it's Veronika here. With the first article in 2019. Published in February. O! M! G! =)

What's going on here? Busy, busy, busy... and I always forget how easy it actually is, to write an article anyway. So I'm running late because I'm working hard on my shop in the meantime. Because my shop profits help to those who need them more than me - animal charities and shelters - I give it more priority than to the blog... Sorry, blog...

I hope it's understandable. What should also be understandable, is my Enligsh. So please, if you haven't read it yet, hop on my Honest Language Disclaimer (no, it's not about profanity) and after that, just sit down, relax and wonder with me: is 2019 going to be the year of lab meat?

Hi, it's Veronika, your vegan friend and content creator of Veronika Honestly (no, not my surname).
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Thank you for reading this whole article =) I have a few things to mention here:

Firstly, if not already mentioned in the article, I would like you to know about my Honest Language Disclaimer (no, it's not about profanity) - in case you were wondering why my English is so weird and not Oxford-dictionary perfect (whose English is, anyway...)

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And... what now?

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