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Hi, Veronika here!

Today, I am bringing you the second part of my mini-series about beach themed home decor for vegans. If you missed part one, you can read it here.
As you may already know my background in biology predetermined me to be very close to nature. When we speak about beaches we cannot miss the obvious elemental, and certainly vegan, beach home decorations such as...

Stones, pebbles & sand

As I mentioned my previous post, coastal and beach decor can be tricky for vegans, but that obviously doesn’t apply when talking about stones. Stones & sand are such versatile and easy to use materials. Not to mention it’s the ground part of a beach, something we all know and love so much!

magicful home sandy rocky beach

Rough natural stones can create amazing sceneries both inside and outside your home.
Smooth pebbles can be used for many decorative ideas, from paperweights to photo-decoration - I use my beloved black pebble for many product shoots.

I can’t think of any downsides when using stones in your home. The only downside of using sand is the fact that it can be messy. Beware of children and overly curious pets! =)

magicful home kids pets sand mess

Let’s check out some ideas of how to use stones, pebbles and sand in the home:

Sand art in a glass - DIY level: medium

Have you ever tried this? It’s great with different coloured sands, but different shades or grain sizes would also do a great job if you prefer a more natural look. Start with simple layers, you could perhaps create a nice and easy striped sandy candle holder and when you master it, then there are amazing sand-paintings you can create as we know from our holiday travels… I’ve even heard of couples doing ‘sand ceremonies’ where each partner combines different coloured sand in a vase to symbolise the two becoming one! Great idea also for a "newly-homed" couple decoration.

magicful home sandy art glass candles

Useful pebbles aka handles - DIY level: easy

Does your bathroom light switch operate on a string? Drill a hole through palm-sized pebble and tighten it on the end of the string. It’s simple and makes the bathroom look exquisite!

pebble light switch magicful home

Stone painting - DIY level: medium

You can be creative with pebbles just like when you create paintings on paper or canvas. A pebble’s structure and shape make it more fun - just work with its features...

magicful home pebble painting

Creating micro landscapes - my favourite one! DIY level: medium

Micro landscapes don’t only have to be for the bottom of terrariums or fish tanks... Currently very popular are terrarium micro landscapes - a miniature scene where you can imitate virtually any real or imaginary place you can think of. Just like painting, if you can draw it on paper, you can create it in mini-scale quite easily with some accessories (which we may talk about some next time) =)
When making micro landscapes we can use pebbles, sand, different size grains, colours matching the idea we are working on, even gemstones to make it look more extravagant and magical - the sky and your imagination are your limits =)

magicful home micro landscape terrarium sand pebbles

Gift of love - DIY level: easy

Did you know that penguins give their chosen one a nice pebble as a wedding gift? In our society a pebble may seem not enough for a wedding, however, I really believe that if you find a nice pebble it could really make a special gift for various occasions or that special someone. You can keep it plain, add writing, carve something in it, or simply explain to your chosen one (friend, partner, family member) why you chose that specific pebble for them - does it remind you of their hair colour? Does it have the same smooth surface as their hands? Pebbles are not just a cold rock. Make them a warm-hearted gift just like penguins do!

magicful home penguin pebble love

So-called “pebble art” - DIY level: easy

Pebbles can go on walls just like paintings - every room will look great with a pebble art! From abstract art such as pebble mosaics to pebble “pictures” - go pebble hunting and unleash your creativity! Stick pebbles into original “paintings”: combine with small pieces of driftwood or any other natural material, such as grass or leaves and then either frame, or leave frameless - it’s your choice.
Look for inspiration on my Pinterest pebble art board.

You really want to find small, thin and feather-light pebbles for these crafts mentioned above.
The bigger and heavier ones will be good for bolder statements - such as candle holders, paperweights, and let’s not forget for our gardens - rockeries are classic - and if plants are not your thing, how about creating a small pebble beach or stone river in that sunny part of your garden?
Find more stone, pebble and sand inspiration on my Pinterest board dedicated to sand, pebbles and stones.

Stones are so natural and can create a really nice feeling, especially in planters with succulents but even a simple bowl full of pebbles can be an amazing decoration. Create your own selection - it doesn’t matter whether you prefer smooth over grainy, colourful or grey tones. It’s your home, your style, your stones =)

magicful home pebble bowl planter

If we deviate from real stones a little bit, we can see that stone beach decor found its way to printings and as artificial stone-look decorations - so you can have a stone theme especially for your bathroom.

You can get sand to work for you too - by using an hourglass when you need to measure a minute or two you can stay on a beach note while cooking. It doesn’t ring like an electronic timer so keep an eye on it, but the effect is brilliant =)

magicful home hourglass sand

By the way, have you ever heard about glowing pebbles? They're called Yooperlites and were discovered very recently - in 2017 according to this video source!

If you are excited about beach stone decor, visit my Pinterest stone board for more inspiration. Stones should not be missing in any beach lover’s home =)

This is the end of our visit to the Stone age which perfectly compliments Beach and Coastal home decor themes. Thank you for reading, and let me just say stones rock!

team - we rock -magicful home 1000px

Stay tuned for the next blog post where I will delve into a more great beach, coastal and nautical vegan-friendly home decoration ideas.

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