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I'd like to tell you a story about my newest vegan T-shirt design: Vegan Smart-Ass definition (this is just a working name, all my designs have working names).

Every single one of my designs has a story of why it was made. My funny vegan definition T-shirt idea was a combination of several things that happened today...

Firstly, as you may know, I'm a maths tutor. And recently, I started tutoring at a vegan household. With the colder weather approaching, I have normally troubles to get a suitable hot drink (it is true that people in England drink practically only black tea with milk).
What a nice change when I got today black tea with plant-based milk =) Instead of just black tea (too bitter) or just boiled water (fine, but boring) I had finally a nice cup of tea. Well, to be honest, when I tutor somewhere long enough, they usually get mint tea specially for me that I like the most and definitely can drink without milk. But it was a nice change to not need to explain that I don't drink [dairy] milk, therefore, I won't have black tea...
Speaking of vegan households - this maths client of mine is a very nice vegan lady (I tutor her daughter) who happens to run a plastic-free party bags shop (vegan-friendly, of course!) - go check out her shop to learn more =)

Then, my sister sent me little quiz full of (supposedly) tricky questions that claims people who can answer at least 70% of the quiz correctly are smarter than an average person. Well, I've nailed it, obviously, and got 100%. Easy peasy...
If you want to check your wits, take the quiz yourself - you can find it here.

And then I was thinking:
Vegans don't drink dairy milk as they know it's not for them
Vegans are smart (well I'm vegan and did that silly quiz without any problem so let's go with this assumption in plural)
Therefore, obviously, vegans are smart enough to know that humans are not baby cows.

Makes sense? It does to me =)

So the idea of this design was born. To choose the layout, I've decided to go with - apparently popular - "dictionary" looks.

And here's the result!

You can go and check it out in my shop (or simply click at the picture) - more colours and styles are available there.

What's your favourite funny vegan "definition"? Let me know in the comments below!

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