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You surely know that I like Etsy. It's truly a marketplace full of amazing handmade and original creations. And they do awards for their sellers! Exciting!
From the whole range of nominations - that you can see here - I've decided to highlight a few of my own favourites, of course, all vegan-friendly, therefore no leather, no wool or angora, feathers, bones, etc.
Please note: At the moment of writing this article, I haven't managed to ask every creator about some further details such as paints and glues they use so take my guide really as a guide =) and please check with artists further details when in doubts if all materials they used are really vegan-friendly. Alternatively, ask them if they can customise it for you - this is what Etsy is about in the end: customisation, personalisation so you can get unique and bespoke arts and crafts - so ask for the cruelty-free option.

Let's get to the list!

Plant-Hanging Metal Animals:

From the home decor category, I chose first these cute little metal animals that you can hang on plants. They're just adorable. Made of metal - one of my favourite materials - and give the plants more natural look. Just imagine a frog hiding between the leaves of your home plant. Only this one will not jump away and won't wake you up in the night with a frog serenade =)
There are more animals to choose from - have a look and see what's your favourite!

Monstera Leaf Wooden Pegboard:

Handmade from birchwood, this monstera leaf is one of many two-in-one finds: it's useful and decorative. Hanging your keys or a boring hook is no longer needed. Now you can get this nice decoration, made of natural materials, reminding you nature also by its shape, and hang not only keys but anything you want at your hand - perhaps your craft or DIY supplies. It comes with wooden pegs as well, of course =)
This particular pegboard was nominated for the awards but there are many more to choose from - have a look and see which one would you prefer!

Now, besides home decor (and many others), there is a category close to my heart, Earth-Friendly. So next few picks are my vegan-friendly favourites from earth-friendly category:

Reusable Glass Straws:

Everyone knows today that if you skip the straw, you save the turtle. And reusable straws are hit - because let's face it, drinking from a straw is still very fashionable. Luckily, fashion doesn't have to compromise our planet and it's inhabitants. But have you seen glass reusable straws yet? I know all the cool looking copper straws but what if we'd want to add a bit of colour to our drinks? These hand-blown glass straws can be the big hit at your next party for sure! While you're still keeping it eco-friendly.
Coming in a very nice gift package and with a straw cleaning brush, these straws can make definitely a unique gift.
Check this colourful glass straw set and browse more variations - there are even bent ones here!

Convertible Vegan Backpack: (organic cotton and vegan leather)

When something says vegan my eyes always widen. As much as I'm rather the sporty-style person hiking with 75 litres backpack up the mountains, therefore, I barely use fashionable bags and backpacks, I know that vegan options in the industry are on the rise and there's no more excuse to purchase leather goods when you can get trendy, chic and high-quality cruelty-free alternatives today!
This convertible backpack caught my attention also as it's using organic cotton as well. Big applause to the artist - I'm definitely going to invite them to the next round of my "introducing Etsy shops" articles soon!
More colours of this particular vegan backpack are available as well as a wide range of other styles - which one is your favourite?

Cork Tri-Fold Wallet:

Are you on the look for a new wallet? Or even thinking of giving one as a gift? How about getting one made of cork? Cork ages beautifully, each product is unique as the materials are naturally variable and it even comes with a great looking cork gift box! Handcrafted, this wallet is one of a kind and no two will be looking completely the same.
Have a look to find out more details about this wallet or find a different style as various options are available - just click here to see more.

Organic Cotton & Hemp Bunny Doll:

Bunnies are my favourite animals, should I have a baby, this would be one of the first toys I'd buy =) This bunny doll is made for order, so if not available at a given time, just contact the artist and ask what can be done. If you're after eco-friendly items just like me, this toy will please your heart - made from organic cotton and hemp fabric and the stuffing is also organic. The best for our little ones - the best for our planet.
And of course, the artist makes more than just bunnies - have a look and see what would be your favourite organic doll!

Wooden Bee Hotel:

Solitary bees and various types of beetles are important pollinators. So making them some cosy home in your garden is a good way to improve your garden's health as well as the health of the neighbourhood ecosystem. So in case, DIY is not your strength, perhaps these beautiful bee homes that are modern-looking yet still with a natural touch may be the solution for you!
There are various types of these solitary beehives, made of FSC certified wood - and I wonder which one would be your favourite?

Rustic Wooden Hand-carved Sink:

And one quick look back at the home decor section: I usually go for some sort of wow at the end of my lists - and this wooden sink is no exception! I love bathrooms where the dominant is some natural piece, such as this one surely is. If you're after rustic looks and renovating your bathroom - why not choose this hand-carved wooden sink? Uniqueness and dropped jaws of your bathroom visitors guaranteed =)
Various types and sizes are available to purchase - have a look and see what would suit your bathroom the best!

That's all from me today, I let you browse and enjoy. But let me ask - did you fall in love with any favourites from this year's Etsy Awards? Or are you perhaps a nominated Etsy Award artist yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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