Hand Drawn Personalised Cat Mug Rescue Cat GiftHi, it's Veronika!
I bet you want to skip the intro and get to the best gifts. Gifts for no ordinary cat lovers but rescue cat lovers. Gotcha.

But as always, I have a little bit of a story to share - so I hope you'll enjoy finding out more about my artwork and rescue cat themed creations. Please sit back, relax and read further:

Btw - did you read my Honest Language Disclaimer yet? (No, it's not about profanity =)

I've been a cat lover since ever. Had several cats during my childhood and none since I moved to London. Not a fan of cats in a flat. And also, after moving countries, I went vegan (some people learn a foreign language when they move countries, I went vegan... and learnt a foreign language... =) Being vegan seems to complicate things a bit as I don't feel comfortable with feeding cats meat. Also I don't feel comfortable with feeding cat any vegan food either. I don't want to be running nutritional experiments on my cats. So at this moment, it's easy, as I don't have any. This doesn't disqualify me from being a cat lover, though! I enjoy the company of my family's cats (five at this time) every time when I visit my family and these cats are a great inspiration for my cat design collection.

In the past, I've created various funny cat mugs with sayings, cat silhouettes and even silhouettes textured with cat fur taken from photographies - I'm happy to personalise any of my designs with your cat's fur if you send me a suitable photo - just email me for more information!

Browse my cat mug designs here

Browse my cat greeting cards here

My latest creation is this super cute hand-drawn cat that I was re-doing for about 8 times until I was happy with it. As I don't have a graphic tablet, that means a lot of drawing, scanning, digital retouching, vectorising, etc... The original drawing is here:

Hand Drawn Personalised Cat Rescue Cat Gift

As you can see, number 8 was the final. THE CAT, as I call it =)

This cutie is ready to go on organic cotton T-shirts, tote bags, ceramic mugs and beyond (yes, cat greeting cards are coming soon!)

And the best part is, I can personalise it to match your cat's looks =)

Have a look at some variations of the blank one above: Siamese, Sport Socks and Stripy =) I was just playing around without any particular cat in my mind. The next one I draw could be yours! Text personalisation is, of course, possible too.

Hand Drawn Personalised Cat Mug Rescue Cat Gift

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Do you want your own personalised cat mug? Email me and let's start creating!

I made a custom cartoon cat mug for Katy from Learner Vegan who wrote an amazing review and sent me her picture of the mug I made for her!
You can see the preview of this "mug of three cats" as I call it =) And below are her pictures she took with her beautiful cats.

Hand Drawn Personalised Cat Rescue Cat Gift


I made also mugs for Ashley who was so kind and shared her pictures (both the mugs and the cats) with me! I'm so thrilled to see my drawings on the mug next to the purrrrfect originals =)
Ashley has a vegan lifestyle youtube channel Ashley Nicole Rice and also has Instagram where you can find out more about her vegan product reviews.

I've started recently focusing on my love for everything tribal and started experimenting with tribal-inspired designs (have a look at them here - organic cotton T-shirts and here - organic cotton tote bags), with the rescue cat mugs included included in this info graphics - as we all know that it's better to adopt, not shop for, animal companions:

Hand Drawn Personalised Cat Rescue Cat Gift

Bonus: there's a dog paw design in my shop too!

Now for an easy navigation - you can easily shop here all mentioned gifts for rescue cat lovers:

Cat Mugs Collection (white and coloured ceramic mugs)
Full-time Rescue Cat Mama White Mug (non-personalised)
- email me for a personalisation
Full-time Rescue Cat Dad White Mug (non-personalised) - email me for a personalisation

Don't Shop, Adopt Cat Paw Tribal design organic cotton T-shirt
Don't Shop, Adopt Cat Paw Tribal design organic cotton tote bag

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And how about our amazing model, Gizmo the Ginger? Hi Giiz! =)

Hand Drawn Personalised Cat Rescue Cat Gift

Gizmo posing with his personalised mug, with an orange handle and rim, of course!

The story behind the creation of this mug is actually quite funny: I was taking a break from working, from designing, from everything... and was just having a fun with our family cat's photo - sketching some pencil drawing... Then I ran it through the digitalisation, added colours and showed it to my partner just for fun. And he decided withouht any hesitation that we "have to" make a Gizmo mug to gift it to his mum, who's also Gizmo's cat mama =) And one for us. Yes, I can't escape work even if I want to =)

If you like my pencil drawing style and would like to have your fur-ball personalised (good news, it cat be a dog or any animal friend, too!), email me for more information.
Disclaimer: black cats (or any single coloured animals) are quite tough ones to do with this drawing style - so send me a photo with no obligation and let's see what could I do for you =)

Gizmo mug seemed to be a big hit when we took it recently to the vegan and eco-living market in Croydon - so if you're looking for a special cat lover gift, just get in touch and let's get started! I only need a good photo with a reasonable resolution I could work with - some nice photo you like that I can pencil-draw by hand =) Just like I drew Gizmo.

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And just in case you met me and my creations for the first time, let me summarise the best bits of my products and why it's great to get your cat lover gift from me:
Everything is totally vegan-friendly (materials, inks used for printing,...) - you'll get gift that's cruelty-free
Everything is totally eco-friendly: I print on demand, so I don't keep loads of unused stock; I ship plastic-free, so... - does that need any explanation? =)
Also, my T-shirts and tote bags are made of organic cotton (in case you didn't know why organic matters - you will be able to read soon in my coming article - or simply Google it in the meantime =) and there's totally no polyester content in my garments.
I'm totally up to supporting animal charities and I split my profits with them half-half (read more in my About me page)
And I totally want you to be happy - so just stay in touch should you have any questions or simply want to say hi - before, during and after I'll get you some cool cat lover gift =)

...I like writing the word totally =)

Now, I have a personal "hi" from Gizmo and I for you ...yep, the best looking picture of us two was back from Christmas =)

Thank you for reading and please share this with your cat loving friends!

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Thank you for reading this whole article =) I have a few things to mention here:

Firstly, if not already mentioned in the article, I would like you to know about my Honest Language Disclaimer (no, it's not about profanity) - in case you were wondering why my English is so weird and not Oxford-dictionary perfect (whose English is, anyway...)

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