Hi, it's Veronika here. With the first article in 2019. Published in February. O! M! G! =)

What's going on here? Busy, busy, busy... and I always forget how easy it actually is, to write an article anyway. So I'm running late because I'm working hard on my shop in the meantime. Because my shop profits help to those who need them more than me - animal charities and shelters - I give it more priority than to the blog... Sorry, blog...

I hope it's understandable. What should also be understandable, is my Enligsh. So please, if you haven't read it yet, hop on my Honest Language Disclaimer (no, it's not about profanity) and after that, just sit down, relax and wonder with me: is 2019 going to be the year of lab meat?

First - what is lab meat? Why be excited? Shall we be confused? Simply, lab meat is real meat. It's an animal protein, muscle tissue, it's a piece of meat. But it was grown in a lab. In a dish, not on a real animal, although it origins from a real animal - specifically from animal cells.
And here it comes to it - if the cells are taken humanely (without harming the animal), if those cells don't need bovine serum (needs blood drawn from a bovine fetus) to grow, then such meat is actually vegan-friendly, right? No? Confused? Well... If it's truly made without harming the animals, think about the benefits and perhaps be excited with me.

My partner says that I'm obsessed with the idea of lab meat.

And he's right. I am truly excited about this going to the market. For one obvious reason. Well, two.

When the basic condition is met - that the production of lab meat won't require harming the animal "donating" the cells in the first place - then these two major changes will happen in my life (and in the life of many fellow vegans I believe):

1. I can get a cat. A rescue cat, obviously.

I'm not only mathematician (that's my main job, you know?), I'm a cat person for sure. But my last cat passed away before I went vegan and now I simply cannot imagine feed any feline friend as it requires dealing with meat. I deal with this sometimes when I take care of family cats, but it's just matter or necessity. I couldn't buy meat-based cat food for my own cat. And I'm not convinced about vegan cat food either. I know little about that to know whether it's not harming the cats who are true carnivores indeed as we all know, although I've seen claims that cats can thrive on a vegan diet... well, as I said, I won't be the one testing this on my cats. So I have no cats. Sadly.

So with "vegan-friendly"-made lab meat I can give a home to a rescue cat (or two or four, don't judge me) and don't compromise my vegan believes. That's worth being excited for, right?

2. I can convince more people to give up traditional meat while not going completely vegan.

This one is pretty obvious. I have friends and family who claim that they won't give up meat entirely. I can't force them, I can't change their minds.

What can I do?

I can offer them an alternative that harms no animal and let them eat meat. Literally when the wolf has eaten and the goat was untouched. I don't know how you say this in English really... But I'm sure it makes sense. I believe in English there's something about having a cake and eating it as well... your choice, the reality is, this is a big thing! So it's understandable I'm excited about lab meat.

Now you may wonder. Would I want to eat it?


I don't see meat as food anymore. Also, I was never a heavy meat eater. I was just thought in my childhood that humans should eat meat in order to have a healthy balanced diet. Well, I know better now and I definitely don't miss meat, so no, no lab meat for me. But for my future furry carnivore friends as well as for my human friends who simply won't give up eating meat it's the big news.

And for that I'm excited.

Wanna know more about lab meat? I'm keeping an eye on various sources as there are more companies researching - so here are few links I've learnt more from about lab meat and it's production:

Lab Meat In Supermarkets By 2018 - well, we see that's not the reality, but perhaps 2019...?

Just Meat Company - info and about

Lab Meat Startups and Investments Into Them - as my dad says, people will e always buying food, so investing in this is not a bad idea

Garry Yourofsky About Lab Meat - this guy made me go vegan (his speech and watching Cowspiracy) - so I wondered what he thinks about lab meat

Chicken Burger While Chicken Being Alive (And Happy) - this is the future, unless world go mad and everyone goes vegan (which would be amazing, but less likely than feeding non-vegans lab meat)

Good Food Company - info and about

Memphis Meats Company - info and about

Impossible Burger Debate - staying open-minded, that's the key when it comes to the ultimate goal, to help the animals in a bigger scale

So here we are. Only I have one wish - clever people in research labs, make the lab meat happen, as this is the way to have guilt-free cat companions and more friends and family actually being animal-friendly even though they just don't go vegan no matter how one tries to change it.

So what's your idea about lab meat? Excited just like me? Let me know in the comments =)

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