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And just on time - this article has been sitting unfinished for a good couple of months, so I'll keep it short today, as Christmas is coming and that's the best time to check out some zero-waste gift wrapping. At least I'll try to keep it short. Luckily, what I have for you today is simple and not much explanation is needed.

But before we start, please note my Language Disclaimer (no, it's not about profanity) =)

I'm a maths tutor and when I worked in school, I just couldn't stand the neverending amount of paper waste. Hundreds of one-side printed worksheets and many of them didn't end in workbooks, or were done wrong and needed to be replaced or simply were just left unfinished or printed in bigger amounts than needed.

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So I kept taking those wasted papers, which would otherwise end up in paper recycling and was using them as a source or writing papers for my distance tuition. Distance tuition works this way: my students ask me to help them with a particular maths topic, I'll work out for examples, show step by step solutions, explain used formulas, write tips and comments and scan it and email it to them. And that's a perfect time to use the back side of once printed and not used paper.

And then I store these papers (now used from both sides) for later use. For example for gift wrapping! My partner was used to newspapers, but we don't buy any and rarely get any of those free to get newspapers - and I don't even crave reading newspapers anyway. So our source of wrapping paper is my neverending pile of maths papers =)

Those who are not used to zero-waste options may find this ugly comparing to fancy shiny gift wrap papers from stores. Well, let me tell you something - it's a huge paper waste, it's a huge money waste and some wrapping papers aren't even easily recyclable (as they may contain plastic glitters or may be coated/treated with plastic-based materials).

If you can wrap things nicely, you're good. Maths wrap looks super cool. I bet you have similar paper "waste" in your home too. Maby your old notes, already printed documents which are not needed anymore... anything that doesn't contain confidential details is good to be used as a gift wrap.

So that's about it. Have a look at my quick gallery how the zero-waste gift wrap is made:

My distance maths tuition requires a computer and loads of paper. Unused printed "waste" from learning resources has blank back sides perfect for my maths work.

Turning my maths notes into gift wrap is super easy. Folds well, holds shape, and it's the third time this sheet of paper is used. Reuse in the action!

Finished gift wrap. This one holds a little box of a jigsaw puzzle which was my gift for my partner for our first Christmas. But as you can see, it's great for any gift wrapping, no matter the occasion.

P.S. To keep it super-zero waste, I'd suggest to seal it either with biodegradable paper tape or with a piece of string (Yuta, hemp or any other plant material will give it a great finish). As for the biodegradable paper tape - I've crossed over one type when searching for plastic-free packaging options for my products I ship myself - mostly from my certified cruelty-free vegan beach decor shop Magicful Home. So just to give you ideas about eco-friendly sealing =)

P.P.S. My family always unwraps gifts carefully, as much as possible, we don't tear them like crazy as I see it in American movies =)) So sure, if you have any type of paper wrap already, reuse, reuse, reuse... as many times as possible. Our planet needs it.

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